Bill Murray in 'Caddyshack'Twenty-nine years later, Carl Spackler dresses much nicer, but talks the same. Bill Murray, of course, made an indelible impression as the disheveled, constantly muttering, yet wily groundskeeper Carl in Harold Ramis' comedy classic Caddyshack way back in 1980, roaming the Bushwood Country Club and waging a fierce battle with an even more wily gopher. In his youth, Murray worked as a caddy, and in recent years he's become a familiar, popular player at pro-am events.

It's no surprise, then, that a local TV reporter caught up with Murray at the U.S. Open Championship in Bethpage, New York, which started yesterday. The tournament was plagued by torrential rains, which delayed play, so the reporter asks him questions about the weather until finally Murray smiles and slips into his Carl Spackler voice as he minimizes the rainfall: "This is by no means a downpour."

Naturally, it's reference to the sequence in Caddyshack, where Carl accompanies a bishop as he plays the round of his life in a steadily increasing storm. When the minister asks if he should keep playing, Carl says, "I don't think the hard stuff's coming down for quite a while." The scene is so well-known in golf circles that used it to introduce an article about the first, rainy day of the Open. And even though it's only a fleeting glimpse, it's a welcome reminder of a very funny movie and a very funny character.

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