Someone at DreamWorks is really, really into ghosts ... or they're hearing people talk about Ghostbusters 3 and Ghost Hunters, and cashing in on a perceived trend. Either way, they're shoving a 3-D Boo U into production as quickly as possible, and hoping that it'll haunt theaters on November 12, 2012.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boo U (not its official title, by the way, but what DreamWorks has nicknamed it) centers on a ghost who is really bad at haunting, and must return to ghost school. Tony Leondis is directing, and Jon Vitti has been sent to pen the screenplay. The ghost film is the "supersecret ghost project" that Jeffery Katzenberg was talking up last May.

The funny part is that Boo U is the third ghost project DreamWorks has picked up. They were developing Freakers, which was being penned by Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario, and told a ghost story from the ghost's point of view, and in their world. But it was shelved for an unspecified reason. (Or exorcised, if we want to be clever.) There's also a third unnamed and unspecified ghost film that's in the pitch stage at the studio. DreamWorks is going to get its spook on one way or another. Should I be happy or sad that they're not even giving Robert Bright's classic Georgie a pre-production glance?
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