Oh, Robin Williams. You furry, awesomely funny freak. We've missed you! And Bobcat Goldthwait -- sorry, Bob Goldthwait -- yeah, some of us have missed you too. If you're ready to visit a very dark and funny place, check out this red band trailer for Goldthwait's new movie, World's Greatest Dad.

Williams stars as a failed writer slash poetry teacher who endures horrible haikus about menstruation, professional humiliation, and abject failure when it comes to publishing. He also has pretty much the worst kid in the world. Kyle looks at (and is aroused by) German sheiser porn. He takes pictures of his dad's girlfriend's underwear with his cellphone under the dinner table and sends it to his friends. He's generally horrendous and creepy. I'm so looking forward to seeing a movie that shows Robin Williams telling his teenage son, "If you don't act right at dinner, I'll stab you in the face."

So take a look at this very naughty trailer after the jump and read Scott Weinberg's review of the film from Sundance. Or you can check out Williams' upcoming Disney flick Old Dogs, co-starring John Travolta and directed by the dude who inflicted Wild Hogs (and soon its sequel!) on the world.