Ultimate Moviegoers Poll (Dustinland.com)Have rude moviegoers won? I've just about abandoned going to a convenient, comfortable local multiplex with very good sound and usually good projection, all because of rude, texting audience members at all hours of the day. Some of the worst offenders weren't even texting teens -- it was adults who were checking and responding to their e-mail throughout the movie. All those little flashes of light were incredibly distracting and drove me nuts. Still do, so at my current theaters of choice, I aim for the earliest screenings possible in order to minimize the crowds and the texting.

Now that I'm in a frenzy with righteous indignation, I almost forgot why I'm writing: our friends at Moviefone have created the Ultimate Moviegoers Poll. Why do you go out to the theater instead of staying home and watching DVDs? What is your biggest pet peeve (obviously, I've already expressed myself on that one)? How do you decide which movie to see? What's your favorite snack? Have you ever made out in a theater? Have you ever given birth in a theater?

OK, I made up that last one, but the poll is a good opportunity to sound off on your moviegoing experience. Is stadium seating important to you? What feature (3-D, IMAX, reserved seating, etc.) would you pay extra for? Take the poll and then come back here and share your thoughts. It's good to let off some steam every once in a while.

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