I'm only posting this as a service to our readers, because there's no way I'm watching nine stand-alone minutes from Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat without having access to the rest of the film! (It'll be playing at several festivals prior to its DVD release later this year.) The clip I'm referring to is, I'm told, also available on the Friday the 13th (2009) Blu-Ray disc, but (again) I wouldn't know because I haven't watched it.

Trick 'r Treat, as you probably know by now, is a big-time curiosity for the horror geeks, partially because it's been sitting on a shelf for over a year, but mainly because it's earned mostly raves from those west coasters who've seen it! Based only on that little bit of buzz, the theatrical trailer, and the fact that it's an anthology about the importance of Halloween rituals ... you can start to understand why I'd rather just wait and see the film as a whole. For those who simply can't wait, the clip awaits you post-jump.
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