Reading through Todd's interview with The Proposaldirector Anne Fletcher, I came across this quote that stuck right out. While discussing Fletcher's most memorable summer moviegoing experience, she says, "You know, it's funny, but I have this generalization, it's completely general, but I really believe in my soul that men quote and women don't. Women will experience a movie on a totally different level, generally speaking, and they'll go, "I loved that movie" or "I didn't like that movie" and that will always stay on them, but they won't remember a single quote. And men will experience a movie in an entirely cerebral way and be able to quote lines 50 years from now – and they connect with each other through them."

Now of course there's always an exception to the rule (an example being our own Elisabeth Rappe, who can probably quote me under the table), but this is generally the case for most of the women in my life -- where they're perfectly happy discussing a movie at length, but the ladies around me will never randomly quote. Meanwhile, all my guy friends do is quote movies; in fact, I'd say they're all movie quote whores.

I'd love to hear from both sides on this -- especially from those females who love movies, but never really find themselves quoting any. Is it that guys are more interested in the quick reference, whereas the girls would rather sit down and have a conversation? Is Fletcher right? What do you think?
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