I'm very happy to share with you an article written by our good friend Eric D. Snider -- not just because he's a mega-pithy writer with a mean arsenal of adjectives, but also because he just (virtually) penned a rather excellent article on John Carpenter's The Thing. So what makes that so fascinating? Nothing, really, although Eric's not exactly what you'd call a big-time horror fanatic.

And yes, this week marks the 27th anniversary of the film's release, and Snider is astute enough to include some of the original comments about the film: "Reviews were mostly negative: "foolish, depressing, overproduced," said one critic; another called it "a wretched excess." David Ansen at Newsweek said, "In sacrificing everything at the altar of gore, Carpenter sabotages the drama. The Thing is so single-mindedly determined to keep you awake that it almost puts you to sleep." I'm curious if Mr. Ansen still feels the same way about the film...

Anyway, here's the full article. Enjoy!

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