I sincerely hope that Michael Bay never retires from moviemaking to go live in a monastery or something, because the world would be far less entertaining without his histrionics.

The latest saga comes via his e-mail account and TMZ. Back in May, Bay flamed Paramount Studios for failing to promote Transformers: Revenge of the Fallento his satisfaction. According to Bay, he's encountering people on the street who have no idea that his Transformers sequel will be coming out this summer, and that the film has taken a back seat to Star Trek and G.I. Joe.

"I have been waiting, and waiting for the 'anticipation' of an 'event movie' to make it into the 'public zeitgeist.' You all talk so glowingly about Transformers being the movie of the summer but unfortunately this has not gotten to the public ... You can feel in your gut the presence of a big movie coming. Right now we are not an event. We are just a sequel which is very different." Bay went on to name-drop Jerry Bruckheimer and "my good friend Steven," who would never stand or expect such poor promotion of their films."

As TMZ points out, Bay backtracked a little in an e-mail on June 6, and thanked everyone for their hard work ... but mimicked the nasty tone of his earlier missive before giving them them a big e-mail bear hug. "You have treated me so well. Paramount is like family." Which is probably why they keep on loving you, Michael, and forgiving your rants about a 23 flash frame cut of Megatron.