A blisteringly entertaining and wonderfully unique concoction, Joss Whedon's Serenity may have been born from a failed TV series, yet floats into multiplexes as one of the cleverest, crankiest, wittiest, wildest, and most character-driven sci-fi adventures in 25 years, and it's the best outer-space trip I've been on since the empire struck back. (OK, maybe it was The Wrath of Kahn, but still, that was 1982!)

This is a labor-of-love movie, and one that should thrill the "already fans" as it slowly wheedles its way into the hearts of even the snobbiest of science fiction cineastes. Serenity has heart, soul, wit, warmth, comedy, character, violence, sexiness, explosions, assassins, escapes, henchmen, and a whole lot more -- but deep down under the surface slickness and the well-wrought characters, there's a deeply satisfying and thought-provoking foundation of staunch sci-fi storytelling. Frankly this is one of the best multiplex movies I've seen in years.
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