transformers 2 revenge of the fallen box office prime

Here's one thing the entire world can apparently agree on: We all love to watch giant robots blow things up while crushing the crap out of each other.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is already beating the competition overseas. The sequel to the 2007 hit premiered at the top of the international circuit during the weekend, earning about $20 million from 846 locations. (Terminator Salvation came in second overseas). Transformers 2 opens in the U.S. on Wednesday, and tickets for midnight premieres are reportedly starting to sell out all over the country.

In other Transformers news: Director Michael Bay has apparently gone crazy, or is pulling our leg, and is criticizing Paramount for not promoting the film enough. (I'm going with crazy.) Meanwhile, people (like CHUD's Deven Faraci) are criticizing Bay for using racial stereotypes in the film.
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