Perhaps you've already noticed, but thanks to the new movie Star Trek is officially cool again! We're not sure Trek was ever "cool" -- I'd like to think that in order to dig Star Trek, one had to be a little geeky. But now that's all changed, and SciFi Wire has come through with ten reasons why Star Trek is suddenly cool -- including this fantastic chart that lays it all out there for you to dissect, percentage-wise. Since only 50% of its new-found coolness can be attributed to the high quality of the new film, check out the image above to see what else has turned Trek from geek to shiek overnight.

In addition to the cool factor, TrekMovie reports that Star Trek has officially passed Star Trek: The Motion Picture in domestic ticket sales. See the chart below to compare all the Star Trek films. I'd say the reboot was a success -- what about you?

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