File this under "Things that have brought the world this much closer to the apocalypse." Introducing the Rocky III joke USB drive, with Sylvester's goods as the USB connector. You can also pick up a fake drive that looks like Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) or Clubber Lang (Mr. T). They do sit ups when you insert them into your USB drive. These obviously high-quality doodads will set you back ¥ 2,850.00 each (or about $30), or you can buy all three for ¥ 5,150.00. And the worst part? You can't even store anything on them; they're just pieces of plastic that do sit-ups when you plug them in to your USB drive. If you feel a burning desire to buy one, here's the link, but don't say we didn't warn you. Take a peek at all three in the gallery below.

(via Gizmodo)
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