We all know there's nothing Americans hate more than foreign horror movies, so there's no choice but to remake them for our shores. The latest to get the American makeover is Joel Anderson's Lake Mungo. This Australian horror offering hasn't yet hit our shores except at SXSW (and yes, Scott Weinberg has seen it, and praises it as "Creepy!"), but the remake is already in motion. The rights were snapped up by Paramount Vantage, and the film will be produced by Roy Lee and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment, the shingle behind such remakes as The Ring and The Departed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter,David Leslie Johnson has been given the task of rewriting (and resetting -- what American lake will he choose to place it in?) Anderson's film. The film centers around the death of sixteen year old Alice Palmer, who meets her untimely end by drowning in a local dam. After experiencing some paranormal activity, her grieving family holds a seance ... and then things get really interesting, and the mystery of Alice's life and death deepens.

While the story will stay the same, it's the style that'll go. Lake Mungo tells the tale as a faux-documentary, but the American version will take a more traditional approach. I can only go by the trailer (and I've embedded it below), but I think Anderson's film has the early advantage over any remake because the documentary style is profoundly unsettling. Not only do you get sucked into the story of a real, grieving family within moments, but the "real" seance footage? Yikes. This is the stuff of Ghost Hunters that can keep me up at night ...
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