This summer's movies, including blockbuster sequels for 'Terminator,' 'Transformers,' and 'Harry Potter' will lure movie fans by the droves. As excited as we all are, let's face it, not all of us plan ahead or camp out for midnight showings. A trip to the movies is often a last-minute decision fueled by a craving for awesome trailers, popcorn, an air-conditioned place to sit -- or a combo of all three. With the newMoviefone for iPhone version 1.1.2 you could be mere taps away from on-the-go movie planning. Simply download the Moviefone for iPhone app, watch the hottest trailers, find the nearest theater, and get turn-by-turn directions from the newly integrated MapQuest feature.

After spending your well earned cash on the trendy Apple iPhone, why not indulge in a quality, free application? Download the Moviefone for iPhone app and have the movies at your fingertips.
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