Watch your back, Iron Man! Wolverine might just be about to learn what happens when your film is a critical and commercial (well, in movie studio terms -- it made more money than you or I will ever see) failure. It's The End, though not before you embarrass yourself with Peter Parker in the newspapers.

Marvel decided to tease everyone with this promo image, and at the moment it's not clear just what's in store for the Old Canucklehead. Marvel has already run a few glimpses into his bloody future (most recently with the Unforgiven-ish saga Old Man Logan, and in the past with both Paul Jenkins' Wolverine: The End and X-Men: The End), so "killing" or maiming Wolverine is nothing new, especially if it's in an alternate future. Frankly, it might not even be his end at all, but the death of his mohawked retcon son, Daken.

Sure, this is comic news and not really movie related (though they're quickly becoming one and the same), but you can't help but laugh at the nice timing. I wonder if they'll incorporate the film's magical bullets in order to do Wolverine in, thus forcing us to accept that creativity as canon. Or will he be embarrassed further by enjoying a fate inspired by summer's other flop, Terminator: Salvation? Whatever happens, I'm sure he's wishing he'd read the fine print on his movie contract.