callum blue smallville dead like meSmallville's ninth (final?) season will kick off this fall with a new Friday night time slot and two classic Superman villains set to make life difficult for our boy Clark Kent. Last week, we learned that Terminator's Brian Austin Green was cast as Metallo, Supe's cyborg nemesis with a kryptonite heart. Now, the show has finally found its real big bad for season nine, General Zod, in the form of Dead Like Me's Callum Blue. Here's Brad Trechak reporting from TV Squad:

For those of you who weren't paying attention during the last ten seconds of Smallville's eighth season finale, the "big bad" of the ninth season is going to be the Kryptonian Phantom Zone villain, General Zod. Now it's been announced that Callum Blue of The Tudors and The Secret Diary of a Call Girl will be playing the character.

I was secretly hoping for Terence Stamp, a.k.a. the voice of Jor-El, for the role but this will do. At least they stuck with a Brit. It would seem like heresy at this stage to have Zod played by someone with an American accent.

Read more at TV Squad and check out a video featuring the original Zod, played by Terence Stamp, from Superman II after the jump.
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