It looks like our beloved tween king really wants to move on from the glitz and glamor of tweendom. They grow up so quickly! Remember when Zac Efronbowed out of Footloose hoping to stop the neverending roll of typecasting after the High School Musicals and Hairspray? Well, he's taken his next step towards making that possible. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Efron will star in an upcoming untitled thriller for Mandate Pictures, one that he will also executive produce.

We're not getting any plot details yet, except for three words. It will be "a sexy thriller." Something along the lines of Basic Instinct? Mulholland Drive? I'm more inclined to believe that it's just an adult thriller, and Mr. Executive Producer wanted some sort of description released to alert us to the more adult fare. As we all know very well by now, "sex," "sexy," "stripper," and those other saucy s-words are essential when Disney alums try to break out of the fluff and into the meaty adult roles.

Leslie Dixon
, the multifaceted writer behind films like The Thomas Crown Affair, Overboard, and Zac's own Hairspray remake will write the script, and as of now, there's no director attached. I'm just trying to imagine the dude in a sexy movie, but any film I slip him into makes me giggle, so I turn the question over to you: Are you ready for sexy Efron thrills?
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