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TV Squad has posted an early review of Ron Moore's new sci-fi pilot Virtuality, set to air this Friday on Fox. We're still not sure if Fox will pick it up as a series (OK, we know they won't, but that hasn't been confirmed yet), but we can't wait to see the Battlestar Galactica producer's latest TV mind frak. Squadder Brad Trechak wasn't too impressed with the pilot, and it's been getting mixed reactions from other nerd bloggers all week. It seems Virtuality isn't destined to be the critical darling and fan favorite that BSG turned out to be. Here's Brad reviewing for TV Squad:

I really wish I could have liked the pilot for Virtuality. It was Ron Moore's first new series since the end of his Battlestar Galactica relaunch that wasn't related to that series. Unfortunately, the pilot seems to fall flat and is unlikely to lead into a series.

The concept is solid. It's about a group of 12 space travellers (each of whom could be mistaken for an underwear model) who are on Earth's first interstellar spacecraft, the Phaeton. Earth has become all but unlivable and they are traveling to a nearby star for ten years (five there, five back) and try to save the planet.

To keep themselves from going nuts, they use a virtual reality system via their ship's computer, named Jean (forgive me if I misspelled the name). This could be a tribute to (or a dig against) Gene Roddenberry whose franchise launched the careers of co-writers Ronald Moore and Michael Taylor. Jean develops a glitch and the fun begins. It's very 2001. Jean itself looks like Hal's love-child. Read more at TV Squad.

Discuss: Are you looking forward to the Virtuality pilot, or is the not-so-positive buzz lowering your expectations?
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