'Blood Ties'By Peter Martin

More than a decade ago, the original Ring helped create a groundswell of international interest in Asian horror, but too many unimaginative sequels and pallid remakes have caused the frenzy to die down somewhat. Good horror flicks are still being made, though, and some of them are popping up in unexpected places. Case in point: Singapore.

Twitch's Stefan lives in Singapore, and he's noted in the past that horror flicks are pretty dependable draws at the local box office. Now he brings word about an upcoming movie called Blood Ties. Director Chai Yee-wei expanded his short film into a feature, and it's due to be released on September 10. The official synopsis refers to the belief that "when a person dies, the spirit will return home on the 7th night. After Shun was brutally murdered, his spirit returned to possess his 13 year old sister to exact his revenge." Nothing like a vengeful ghost to make you run for your life!

The trailer looks properly spooky and atmospheric -- translation: plenty of shadows and darkness -- with a tangy edge and splashes of blood and gore. You might recognize 60s Shaw Brothers star Cheng Pei Pei from her key role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, while veteran character actor Kenneth Tsang has appeared in dozens of Hong Kong movies, as well as small parts in Rush Hour 2 and Die Another Day (as a Korean general). With that kind of acting support and a sharp eye for good visuals. I'm hoping the young director has made a winner.

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