I wrote an article a few months back, expressing my displeasure regarding Ti West's The House of the Devil. Not because I disliked the film ... just the opposite, in fact. But the flick had been trimmed a bit by its producers, and the version that played the Tribeca Film Festival was not the *full* version that I'd seen (and really liked). But now we might have a chance to see that full version, and once again the horror geeks can thank Magnolia Pictures.

Yep, the U.S. distributors of Severance, Donkey Punch, The Host, Let the Right One In, and The Signal has picked up The House of the Devil for release. Obviously it's a bit too early to know many details, but here's a quote from Magnolia's Tom Quinn, as acquired by our good pals at IndieWire: "Ti West is without a doubt one of the biggest talents in horror right now," said Magnet/Magnolia SVP and Head of Acquisitions Tom Quinn. "'The House of the Devil' is smart, truly scary, and an awesome throwback to what made 80s horror great. This kind of film is what Magnet is all about."

Congrats to Mr. West! Click here for the full report.
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