By: Elisabeth Rappe

Another week, another ginormous summer movie, and another chance for you Cinematical readers to tell us what you think in the safe, anonymous comfort of our 1-10 poll. Michael Bay's Transformers: Revenge of the Fallenhas smashed its way into theaters today, and it's already kicking up a flurry of controversy for its questionable racial stereotypes and Bay's staunch belief in robot testicles. And you thought people would just be talking about Megan Fox on that motorcycle ...

Our own Todd Gilchrist called it "the most movie I have ever experienced" and assured fans that it was full of all the robot carnage their hearts could desire. "Michael Bay, condensing the cumulative total of the spectacle from all of his seven previous films into one unwieldy, gargantuan opus, has exceeded even the possibilities of sequel-driven "moreness," combining his own muscular, high-gloss sensibility with the conventions of blockbusters past, present, and probably future to create a monolithic action masterpiece that feels destined to be the biggest movie of all time ... Anyone wondering when and if filmmakers would stop being so damn sensitive about the necessary end result of an attack on the world's populace will no doubt be relieved to know that Michael Bay has filled Revenge of the Fallen with more wanton, meaningless destruction than any other movie in recent memory."

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