terminator 2 oscarThis week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that the Best Picture Oscar category will now include 10 nominees instead of the usual five. That means big studio genre flicks, like Star Trek and the upcoming Harry Potter sequel, could have a shot at Oscar.

Is this just a cheap stunt to get ratings up for the Oscar telecast, or is the Academy finally ready to recognize quality genre flimmaking, possibly with its highest honor? I don't know. But I'm curious to find out which films will make this year's list.

What if this had always been the case? Which classic sci-fi/genre blockbusters should've had a shot at winning Oscar's top prize? Besides last year's best movie, The Dark Knight, James Cameron's Terminator 2 would top my short list. It was a great film that worked on multiple levels and helped to usher in startling advances in filmmaking tech and special effects. Plus, it is awesome. What sci-fi flicks of the past few decades do you think deserved a Best Picture nod?
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