While Zack Snyder was out talking up the Watchmen Director's Cut, he managed to find a little time to sit down with Devin Faraci of CHUD and give an update on Sucker Punch. If you were dying to hear a few more details about that glorious grindhouse throwback, look no further, but beware of what might be a spoiler.

The biggest surprise is that Snyder might actually aim for a PG-13 rating -- but don't think he'll soften the action any. "If you can make Taken PG-13, you can make this movie PG-13. That's what I believe. Because it's more fantastic. No one really dies in the movie. I think Sucker Punch is a smart movie. It absolutely is challenging, and it's f***ing hardcore. [A]t the end she gets ... it's dark! But it's f***ing actiony like nobody's business. We hope the action we're creating is off the charts, and it's not stupid."

The action really will be off the charts, as the institutionalized Baby Doll and her companions battle are all kinds of crazy, ranging from WWI soldiers to creatures straight out of Dungeons and Dragons, but with realistic grit. "I like fight choreography and I like being able to see what's happening in action. When the girls are fighting, [like] they're on their way to kill a baby dragon, they've killed all of these orc-like creatures and they're entering a door [and] it's this classic, real Navy SEAL style room clearing. They have machine guns but they're fighting mythic creatures, impossible creatures. The hand to hand stuff is all brutal, because Damon [Caro] did all the [fights] in Bourne and it has that vibe to it." I'm so on board with this ... even if we might already know the ending!
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