Over two years ago, Ethan Hawke decided to change things up and go for some vampiric fare by grabbing Daybreakers -- a vampire movie set in the future, and not exactly his normal genre. Now, finally, Yahoo has the trailer, which you can watch after the jump (or right here).

Hawke plays a researcher in 2019 named Edward Dalton. Some pesky plague has turned most of the world's population into vampires, and humans are at the edge of extinction. But seeing that vamps sort of rely on human blood, they've got to farm the remaining humans to keep up their food source, or find a blood substitute. But it isn't a wasteland of chaos -- the vamps are leaders, cops, you name it. As the supply decreases, a rogue crew finds a way to cure vampirism and possibly save the human race, and they enlist Dalton to help.

The trailer has its goofy moments, and I really don't get Hawke's hat-topped getup, but dare I say: this movie looks fun. It's got the teeth and the usual vampiric snarling, but even better -- it's got a twist that hasn't been overused to the point of insanity. There's no teen romance, no vamp/wolf combo. It even plays on our expectations -- this future isn't a post-apocalyptic wasteland of blood, but one that continues societal structures. And best of all, we've got Willem Dafoe getting creepy again as one of the rogues. That's enough for me. You? The film will hit screens on January 8, 2010.