One of the things us genre fans remember most about Michael was his love of sci-fi and fantasy. It oozed out of almost everything he touched, and as visionary filmmakers like James Cameron and George Lucas began making advancements in special effects during the 1980s, Jackson was right there, incorporating his talents into the most memorable music videos of our generation.

Here, SciFi Squad's Mike Moody remembers Jackson's love of sci-fi and comics, and points to some really great content from around the web as all of us come together today to mourn the loss of a pop-culture legend.

Michael Jackson, the king of pop, whose music left an indelible mark on the popular music landscape, died yesterday at the age of 50. It seemed there was little about Jackson's life that didn't make the news or tabloids throughout his long career, with the possible exception of his love of science fiction and comic books.

Jackson was a huge comic book fan, and even considered buying Marvel Comics in the 1990s. MTV Splashpage looks at Jackson's history with comics, and notes that the pop star owned a giant collection of superhero books, costumes and statues that recently went up for auction. Comics Alliance has a rundown on Jackson's 5 greatest moments in comics, including his last public trip to a comic shop and the fate of his Moonwalker comic.

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