Here's a horror flick that Erik Davis might want to avoid for a little while. Horror freaks are no doubt aware that the prolific filmmaker Larry Cohen once gave us an entire trilogy full of killer infants ... but the remake has had a pretty tough time finding itself a home. Directed my Josef Rusnak (The Thirteenth Floor), the new version of It's Alive stars Bijou Phillips as a lovely young mother who slowly discovers that her newborn is ... a monster. And we're not talking about strong lungs and stinky poop here.

Shock informs us that First Look will release the DVD on October 6. According to sources (and, ok, the DVD cover) this will be an "unrated" release. I've actually seen the remake already, and (one guy's opinion) it's ... meh. Not terrible, certainly not great. And after seeing a flick like Grace, it feels just a little bit sillier.
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