Love Michael Jackson or hate him, there's little denying that the Thriller video he made with director John Landis was a pretty big deal back in the day. Music videos were still in their infancy, and to see one that aimed for a truly "cinematical" approach was pretty damn novel. So I thought it would be cool to ask our staff for some memories of this powerfully poopular music video...

I must have watched "Thriller" 100 times when it was new. I couldn't get enough of it. I think I was initially impressed by the long-form, big-budget music video that was more of an event than a regular occurrence. But it actually holds up well, thanks to the purposely cheesy, winking direction by John Landis. It's hard not to watch without a grin on your face. Biggest leap of faith: why is Michael wearing a letterman jacket in the opening scenes? What did he play, football? - Jeffrey M. Anderson

I can't even remember the first time I saw "Thriller" because it's such a pervasive part of my childhood and my Halloweens. My family was dead broke and we only had basic television, so I know it was years after everyone else had seen it. I listened to the song so often (Vincent Price's voice getting me every single time) that the "story" told in it had built up one heck of a movie in my mind ... and that movie still wasn't as cool as the actual "Thriller" video. - Elisabeth Rappe

I was a zygote. -- Will Goss

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