My mom and I have only just discovered the delights of Arrested Development on DVD. There's nothing more bittersweet than discovering a television show after its far too late to help its ratings, but at least we can still join the "Please, oh please make an Arrested Development movie" club.

When I was on the Jonah Hex set, Will Arnett said that it was actively in the works. "We're trying to get it done, trying to get all the pieces together to do it. It's something we're actively in the process of doing. There is no script yet, but I've been talking a lot to Mitch about it, and I think that the goal has been to start shooting by the end of the year. It's really just a matter of getting a script. I know that the studio is ready to go and everyone's kind of ready, but there's a lot of moving parts. There's a lot of people in the cast, a lot of schedules and stuff, but we're in that process now of figuring it all out, actively." Of course, Michael Cera's made comments to the contrary, so put your faith where you will.

In the meantime, one group of fans have pooled their resources and put together an Arrested Development documentary. Their official website reports that they're currently going from town to town, interviewing fans in order to raise awareness about the show and its tragic fate.They've already gotten a trailer together featuring interviews with the cast and crew of the show. Maybe the quotes are new to you, maybe they're not, but they might help stave off the pangs of addiction. The trailer is embedded below the jump. Enjoy, and keep flying Bluth flag.

[via Film Junk]

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