Talk about inevitability! Any video game with guns like Lara Croft and a hero like the Prince of Persia, one that sold tons of copies, is destined for the big-screen treatment. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Columbia has grabbed PlayStation 3's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for development, and Kyle Ward (who is also busy with the pointless Hitman 2) is set to write the script.

The game focuses on the adventures of Nate Drake, as he pulls his ancestor Sir Francis Drake's coffin from the sea floor, only to find that there's no body inside -- only a diary that details the way to El Dorado. Naturally, Nate sets out to find the fabled land of gold, fighting rival hunters, only to find a forgotten island and a rather curse-ridden statue that takes things into the world of Indiana Jones. In other words -- cursed Nazis and supernatural occurrences. There's an old friend who serves as Nate's right-hand man, and a female journalist/love interest in need of saving.

As a game, it all seems well and good, but will people really bite into a story so very reminiscent of Indy? I guess every generation needs their historically inclined action hero. I just wonder how he'd fare against Lara Croft, who has her own reboot on the way...
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