gundam giant robot japan

The Japanese are kicking America's ass at building giant robots based on awesome fictional characters. You've heard about their 60-foot Gundam in Odaiba. Now they're building a giant Tetusjin-28, a.k.a. Gigantor "the Space-Age Robot." (Word is he'll be built turning his pointy noise up at our giant robot-less shores.) So here's a question: When are America's nerds gonna get off the couch and build their own unnecessarily large but awe-inspiring tribute to R2-D2 or Optimus Prime?

I'm talking to you, extreme cosplayers, sci-fi obsessed techies and artists, and nerds willing to max out their credit cards at Home Depot. And especially you, Tom Rhodes, the California dude who made an 18-foot tall OG Bumblebee Transformer out of a Volkswagen Beetle. You've got the touch. You've got the power. Now let's make a giant frakkin' robot that puts Japan's to shame.
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