If you're a fan of Stephen King and/or anthology-style horror movies, I hope you're reading this out of curiousity only, because you certainly should have seen George Romero's Creepshow by now. A darn good horror anthology, which is pretty darn rare. (Yeah, like you saw Deadtime Stories or Grim Prairie Tales.) This one has a pretty good reputation among horror fans, who have proved to be the freakiest of all the fans of a specific genre. We have the basic anthology layout here: The opening which becomes the story segues, and the actual stories themselves. Creepshow is very firmly based in the horror comics it was inspired by, and the trademark Stephen King nastiness runs rampant here.

The "bumper" scenes involve a boy whose mean Daddy has thrown away his beloved comic books, much to the young boy's chagrin. He plots homicidal fantasies. (A little extreme to be sure, but my Dad used to toss my Mad magazines, and I served eight years for killing him, so I can relate.) This silly little story is best left as the intro to the main stories, as it offers nothing of any real interest.

The first story, Fathers Day, is your basic 'obnoxious old-money family gathers around to discuss inheritances and inbreeding only to be interrupted by the nasty rotting corpse of their Father who repeatedly screams for a cake' story. (Stephen King is the richest author in the universe. He wrote it.) Some pretty OK jolts, a great shot of someone bashing their head on a gravestone, and one poor guy gets a ten-ton statue dropped squarely on his nuts. Ouch. Watch for Ed Harris in this story as an obnoxious guy....who gets killed.

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