If you've been reading The Horror Squad regularly, like you should, you know that I've only just seen Halloween.I've never deliberately avoided the film, or any of its slashing, bloody ilk and I'm still not sure how I saw Nightmare on Elm Street so many times, but missed this one and countless other horror offerings. It has nothing to do with being scared or squeamish. But my parents never enjoyed the genre (odd after scarring me with Poltergeist, Cat's Eye, and Crittersbefore I was in kindergarten) so we never rented them. Always sharing a television and a Blockbuster card means you watch the stuff everybody likes. As for seeing them in the theater, well, it would seem guys knew I wasn't the jump-and-cuddle type, and didn't bother asking me to accompany them. And who wants to go alone? It has nothing to do with being scared. Gore is far more fun when you share it with others.

That's a very long and probably pointless introduction to offering up the Halloween scene I really loved, and keep laughing about. I'm not sure why Laurie just keeps dropping that damn knife when she's pretty kickass otherwise ... and nothing illustrates it more than her clever use of her knitting basket. Weinberg once scolded me for knitting during movies, but this scene is exactly what justifies it. You should always have sharp objects at hand for things that pop up behind the couch. A knife is excessive, but a knitting needle? Ideal!

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