We've all been down that bumpy road before: You're sitting across from a friend who's just dying to talk about last night's [insert TV show] episode and/or the movie they saw over the weekend, but you're deathly afraid of them spoiling the whole thing. And even though you tell them not to spoil it while they continue to pretend as if they're slowly stepping around all the details ("Yes, I know, but let me just tell you about this one scene ...") you know they're about to spoil the whole darn thing anyway. Know what I'm talking about?. Are you there with me? Happened to you over the weekend, didn't it? If so, I'm sorry.

Anyway, those nutjobs over at College Humor recently debuted a hilarious sketch called Spoiler Alert. Essentially it's the scene I described above, but with an elite team of special ops sent in to stop the spoiler from ever happening. And then pretend the entire thing was directed by Michael Bay. I shall say no more ... . (And if you know someone who's spoiling TV shows and movies, please contact your local spoiler alert team immediately.)

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