I don't think I need to tell you how useful and handy a spare 2GB USB Flash Drive can be, especially with our constant need to store photos, music and/or important files so that we can take them with us wherever it is we need to go. Of course, one can opt to purchase a boring, metallic-looking USB drive that certainly gets the job done, but us movie geeks don't roll like that. If there's an opportunity to express our love for all things movie-related, then you bet we're going that route instead.

Which is why we're here to show you these new USB Flash Drives over at Entertainment Earth. Star Wars fans will no doubt get a kick out of the Vader, Yoda, Boba Fett and Storm Trooper USB Drives, while Twilight fans can show their love for that all things Twilight-ish by picking up a USB Drive featuring the Cullen family crest. (Thank god it's not a giant picture of Robert Pattinson's face because that might've freaked me out a little.)

Both sets aren't due till October, though you can pre-order now. Each will run you $24.99. Check out larger images of all the USB Drives below.

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