It sounded promising when Jason Lee was set to get Thicker back in 2008. Perhaps we'd finally get another taste at the old Lee, the one that made every Kevin Smith movie he graced all the tastier, especially when he'd rant away with all of his comedic snarkiness. He may have left that film, but Lee found an even better project to fill his now Earl-free days. Variety reports that he, along with Michelle Trachtenberg, have signed on for roles in A Couple of Dicks -- Kevin Smith's first project not written by his own pen.

The film, which stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, focuses on two cops who search for a stolen baseball card, rescue a sexy Mexican woman, and face gangsters. With the buddy cop roles long-filled, Lee won't have much face time, but hopefully it will be quality face time. While Trachtenberg plays Willis' daughter, Lee will play her stepfather.

At least it's something. Not a lot, but a hell of a lot more interesting that the family fare that Lee keeps doing. That being said, and even loving Willis' classic cop ways, I wish Lee was taking the role. Wouldn't he make an excellent gruff detective? (If he can't be the new Fletch, he could at least get a blockbuster buddy cop film! Willis and Morgan are already a far cry from the originally cast Robin Williams and James Gandolfini.)

But maybe better fare is on the horizon. What sort of starring role would you like to see Jason Lee take on?
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