Optimus Prime's entire life has been leading up to this moment ... no, none of that Revenge of the Fallenstuff, but having Devin Faraci and Todd Gilchrist debate his latest installment on G4's Attack of the Show. Michael Bay's latest robotgasm has been at the center of a lot of debate and controversy all over this great Internet, and while CNN may ignore this crisis of fandom, G4 is right there to report on it.

As you know from hanging around Cinematical, Gilchrist liked the film (and was quoted by Roger Ebert in his review). Faraci hated the film, and was one of the first to really call foul on the racist robots with his scathing Little Black Sambots piece. I know from reading the comments pouring into our 1-10 poll that our readers are divided right down the middle on the film's quality and whether or not its employing questionable racist stereotypes. Therefore, you may pick one of these men as your champion, and decide who (if either) comes out victorious, before realizing Transformers' massive gross doesn't care what you think.

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