john barrowman torchwood bbcThe upcoming mini-season of Torchwood is getting good buzz, but Captain Jack Harkness, John Barrowman, thinks the show deserved more than a five-episode run this season. Still, if the episodes are popular, Torchwood will definitely be back for a fourth, and hopefully full, season. Here's John Scott Lewinski reporting for TV Squad:

With the premiere of Torchwood: Children of Earth closing in at BBC America, John Barrowman is picking an unusual time to kick BBC executives in the pants.

The leading man and variety host told the British papers that he feels like the BBC is punishing him and Torchwood by cutting the show down to a week-long, five-episode mini-series run.

Barrowman's timing is odd, as there were no reports of dissatisfaction before, during or after filming on the short run. Meanwhile, there's plenty of positive publicity buzzing around the new season, and there was no desperate need to get people interested via a complaint.

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