I know I get a lot of sh*t for writing about Megan Fox all the time, but the girl is a quote factory and quite possibly the best interview out there right now, regardless of what films she's been in or how good her acting is. I like her because she's honest, and she tells it like it is without being afraid of some anxious publicist off screen. She doesn't give a sh*t because she doesn't have to give a sh*t -- people will need her and want her no matter what she says or does ... and that to me is fascinating.

While on the Early Show this morning being interviewed by a hornball three times her age (watching him attempt to flirt is almost as funny as the actual interview), Fox opened up and revealed a bombshell (okay, not really): that after watching the movie and reading the script, she still doesn't know what the hell Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is about. She even goes so far as to say that if you do know what it's about, then you're a genius. "This movie is for geniuses," she says. Well, it's a movie for someone (just passed $400 million worldwide at the box office), that's for sure. Who? I have no idea.

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