I can already feel the heat of the historians rising at the very title of this post, so let me begin by saying that there's no doubt that The Patriotisn't a good film. It bears very little resemblance to anything that our forefathers did in 1777, and is enjoyable only as a piece of frock coat fantasy. If you watch it in the same historical mindset you'd watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in, it's quite enjoyable and a decent way to spend a fireworkless Fourth.

I watch it purely for Jason Isaacs, whose Col. Tavington might as well be twirling a mustache and tying a heroine to the train tracks. You can practically hear the filmmakers going "I still don't think the English are coming off evil enough. How about he kills off some more women and children? And how about another one of Mel Gibson's kids?" But it doesn't matter how many atrocities he commits in the name of the Crown, I still root for him not only because he's handsome, but because I'm a bit of a Loyalist. Part of me wishes my Virginia ancestors hadn't decided to forgo afternoon tea, fish and chips, the BBC, and the National Rail. But hey, then I wouldn't be here on Cinematical with you fine people, so it's all worked out for the best.

With that, here's one of my favorite scenes from The Patriot. Sure, I could post the tomahawk scene (much cooler), but in a movie full of over-the-top moments, nothing makes me laugh harder than the loss of Cornwallis' supply ship, and Isaacs' reaction.

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