Oh, Chris Klein. In the beginning, he made a decent go of things. He was in that little American Pie flick, and he found the perfect role in Election. While almost every square inch of that film held greatness, I'm not sure it would've been nearly as fun without his innocent yet horny Paul Metzler. But just like Michael Cera has to grow up one of these days, Klein can't play the innocent sensitive teen forever.

So he grabs a gig in Street Figher: The Legend of Chun-Li. It didn't go so well. In fact, when William Goss alerted us to some YouTube goodness about Klein's role, he said: "I can see the [Razzie] for-your-consideration ads now: 'Can only be described as epic in its awfulness' ... 'I can't remember the last time I watched an actor fail to walk into a room convincingly' ... 'So wooden that he makes Keanu Reeves seem like Don Knotts.'"

Perhaps it's wrong to kick a guy when he's already down; however, I couldn't help but alert you to a little gem over at Latino Review. They screencapped a bunch of the wonderful faces Klein dons during the film. There's lots of jaw-dropped shouting, but my favorite is the creepy snap to the right. I'm thinking he can team up with Christian Slater for a big-forehead buddy film. It's gotta be a better fit than these action movies...
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