'Sea Beast,' 'Kaidan,' 'My Bloody Roommates'

By Peter Martin

Time to dust off some old favorites -- or finally get around to watching anything you haven't seen -- because this week's new horror offerings are mighty thin. How thin? How about a Sci-Fi Channel original movie as (possibly) the most palatable release?

Sea Beast (formerly known as Troglodyte) has a cover that might remind you of Joe Dante's Piranha, but the movie itself? Not so much. " "An amphibious man-eating monster from the deepest dregs of the ocean arrives in a perpetually overcast fishing village and goes on a killing spree with its recently hatched little ones," says Dread Central. "Never a total bore yet never anything more than what it is, which isn't much." Corin Nemec stars as a boat captain / local pariah. The perky Miriam McDonald plays his daughter; she spent years toiling away on TV's Degrassi: The Next Generation, then took off her top for the otherwise forgettable Poison Ivy: The Secret Society. And now this debacle. I think she needs a new agent.

Kaidan features Japanese director Hideo Nakata (the original Ring and Dark Water) at the helm in the retelling of a 19th century ghost story. "Nakata has made what would be hailed as a classic, if it had been made in 1957. Which is not a slam - quite," wrote Mark Schilling in The Japan Times. "Nakata knows how to deliver jolts, even if you can see them coming a mile away." So if you're in the mood for an old-fashioned ghost story, this could fit the bill.

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