Hopefully some of you are old enough to remember the classic Atari video game Asteroids, where the object of the game was to navigate this space ship through an asteroid field and shoot down whatever crazy flying object got in the way. That was it -- no storyline, no insane graphics -- just a bunch of glowing dots on a screen. Obviously the cinematic possibilities are endless (ahem, sarcasm), and so that's why there was a four-studio bidding war for the film rights. Yup, four studios fought to win the film rights for Asteroids. That's where it's at right now in Hollywood.

Universal won the bidding war, and assigned Matthew Lopez to write the script while Lorenzo di Boneventura produces. Since the original game had no real storyline, one will have to be dreamt up -- but, as The Hollywood Reporter points out, Universal is used to doing this with some of its Hasbro properties like Battleship and Candyland. di Boneventura's next movie is G.I. Joe, due out later this summer.

And people said the 1980s were useless. So what do you think Asteroids should be about?
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