Frederick Loren: Ah, at last. The guest of honor has arrived. My love, I do so hate when you keep me waiting. Happy birthday!

Elisabeth: How very typical of a man to forget that my birthday is in February. And a party? Frederick, the only party you've ever offered to throw me is the one in your pants ... and I must say, I found it very unimpressive.

Frederick: Ah, she's so amusing! Isn't she, readers? I thank the heavenly host for bringing you into my life.

Elisabeth: You should thank Scott Weinberg. He's the one who introduced us.

Frederick: Indeed. You needed the money, and I can't pretend you'd adore me without it.

Elisabeth: Oh, I've never pretended to adore you. Shall we get on with it?

Frederick: That's just what you said on our wedding night. Yes, let's get on with it. What's this? You're without your customary drink of Guinness.

Elisabeth: It was a double feature, and it was late. Besides, darling, I wouldn't want to lose control of my faculties. I might wake up next to you again.

Frederick: Oh, I'm quite certain you wouldn't wake up at all, my dear. Tell me, what do you think of the atmosphere?

Elisabeth: It certainly looks creepy ... and I did ask Scott for a haunted house movie. They're the only thing that does scare me other than you, Frederick. But I've been listening to Pritchard's stories for about fifteen minutes now and I have a feeling that the movie isn't going to match up to a single one of them.

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