Here's a bit of geeky fun for your Fourth of July weekend. (And frankly, anything Jon Favreau is Re-Tweeting is worth posting.) Road and Track Magazine caught a spy photo of Tony Stark's stylish racecar sitting all by its lonesome on the Iron Man 2 set. The magazine reports that they've recreated the Grand Prix de Monaco on a very elaborate set that copies the Monaco circuit.

I know what you're thinking "A racecar? That's ok, I guess." It's not news that they did a scene set in Monaco either. But what you might have forgotten is that this is where Mickey Rourke's Whiplash makes his first appearence, undoubtedly shocking the wealthy racing fans with his prison tats, reactor whips, and overall terrifying demeanor. Also, Road and Track reveals a hint as to how that showdown gets underway, because with Tony Stark being the sort of dashing billionaire he is, he isn't just attending the race -- he's driving that very car in it. Something tells me it gets stopped by a big Russian ex-con ... and since this isIron Man, the car probably explodes in the ensuing battle.

I know, it isn't much, but it's something to build on. San Diego ComicCon is only a few weeks away, and this dry spell of hints and glimpses will be forgotten.
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