I have a healthy amount of curiosity for Dominic Sena's Season of the Witch. Starring Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, and Stephen Campbell Moore, it's set in the midst of the Black Death. Cage plays a knight given the task of transporting a suspected witch to trial. She's not just any girl unlucky enough to be accused of witchcraft, as the entire bubonic plague is being laid at her feet. Cage suspects the girl to be innocent, but he does his duty, and escorts her to a hallowed place where her innocence or guilt can be proved, and the plague lifted. Naturally, being a story of witchcraft, he and his companions find themselves on a quest battling dark, mysterious forces.

It seems like the film has been shooting forever with only a few stills to show for it, but ShockTillYouDrop now has its release date: March 19, 2010, pitting it against Piranha 3D, for better or worse. Now that it has a release date, maybe we'll finally see a trailer.

As a medievalist, I have a healthy amount of curiosity for this film. I know it has all the marks of a film that'll probably go horribly wrong (mostly Nicolas Cage), but it has some serious story potential. The Black Death was really one of the most terrifying periods in European history. If you've ever seen any of the art or literature from the period, it just reeks of death and despair. (A very eerie example is Geoffery Chaucer's The Pardoner's Tale -- read it and you'll know exactly what I mean.) The medieval period is just begging to be used properly in a horror film, and 1348 is one hell of a year to set one in. If Sena could get it half right, I'll feel lucky, and hope that he'll inspire a few copycats who will go all the way.

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