I now take back any defense I gave Katherine Heigl for her comments about Knocked Up. I was already on my way there when I heard about The Ugly Truth and its premise where a smart and successful woman turns to a chauvinist to learn about nabbing her beau. I hit the brink with the second trailer where she actually tries to deep throat a hot dog and stick out her chest to get the guy, while he says every pervish thing he can think of. And now ... now there's vibrating underwear.

In the clip after the jump, so appropriately coming to us from Coming Soon, Heigl's character gets a little vibrating gift as she gets ready for a date. She decides to put on the panty rocket and then gets whisked off on a half-date/half-business meeting. At no time does she decide to excuse herself to take off these things, and in fact, gets into some hot trouble when the remote falls into the hands of a kid at the next table. Heigl channels When Harry Met Sally, poorly I might add, and Gerard Butler watches in amusement.

Heigl... How any woman who notes chauvinism in a Judd Apatow movie can then take on this schlock is beyond my comprehension. Furthermore, take away Butler's charm and put ... hmm ... let's say Steve Buscemi into the role -- is it still all romantically funny, or does it get downright creepy? Actually, now that would be a movie -- The Ugly Truth, where a romcom tries to deliver this bull pucky to audiences without a dapper leading man to make it palatable.