Our brothers and sisters over at TV Squad have busted through the boob tube and brought with them the following juicy bits of must-see eye candy:
  • Seth Green is promoting the DVD release of Robot Chicken: Star Wars -- Episode II with a touring ice skating show.
  • Despite his recent death we're still going to be seeing TV commercials starring pitchman Billy Mays.
  • America's Got Talent has found there own version of Brit singing sensation Susan Boyle in Kevin Skinner, a chicken catcher (whatever that is) from Kentucky.
  • Summer's only just started but TV Squad has screened some of CBS's new shows for the Fall. Here's what they think.
  • For those who can't get enough weirdness in their life, the upcoming final season of Lost is going to be 18 hours long instead of 17.
  • ...and finally, after hosting the Tonys and TV Land Awards, Neil Patrick Harris is about to close a deal that will have him hosting the Emmys.

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