Let's say you're in London some time around late August and you're looking for two dozen new horror movies to wrap your fangs around ... well good news! That's precisely when UK Frightfest will be running, and they've got more scary flicks than you'll know what to do with.

Click here for their full slate! But I can offer one vote of enthusiasm for films like Best Worst Movie, The Horseman, I Sell the Dead, and Pontypool -- and then I can whine about I really want to see Trick 'r Treat, Dread, The Descent Part 2, and ... heck, all of their other movies. Plus they're showing a brand-new 35mm print of An American Werewolf in London! Hats off to the Frightfest team for booking yet another excellent-lookingevent. For more on UK Frightfest, throw a few clicks around their website!
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