Fred Dekker and horror fans are eagerly awaiting the long delayed, special-edition DVD release of Night of the Creeps, which hits store shelves on October 20. As if those hours of extras weren't enough to whet your interest (and I've included a list of them below the jump in case you missed them the first tine around), now the special edition took a new turn for the fans.

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Sony is sponsoring an original contest via that allows fans to choose the final DVD cover. But don't get carried away thinking that fans will submit a cover, or have a variety of options to choose from. There's only three choices, none of them featuring the original poster or VHS cover art, and all of them rather ugly. (That's one girl's opinion, however, yours might vary considerably.) The one to the right is currently in the lead with 56% of the votes, probably because it has the most grindhouse flavor. But regardless of the choices, you should support DVD democracy and go vote for the one you like best.

I do hope this choose-your-own-cover contest is the first sign of a trend, and we'll have more contests. Perhaps it'll expand so that we could order any DVD with any cover art we choose. Obviously, there'd have to be a cost-effective limit of art choices available, but who wouldn't prefer to choose a beloved film's classic poster over the fugly Photoshops that often get slapped on DVD covers?

[via Twitchfilm]
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