Consider this post your confessional as well as my own. You see, I can't resist a cheap DVD. Even if the film isn't something I'd even put on a top 10 or 20 list, if I see it for $10.00 or less, I must own it.

This week's guilty grab was Australia, a film I was very disappointed in, and planned never to see again unless I stumbled on it while flipping through cable channels. But there it was on, "watched once, brand new" for $5.00. I thought about how very nice "the bucket scene" is, and how it's chock full of beautiful sunsets and rugged Australian landscapes (several that aren't named Hugh Jackman) and I caved. It's really the perfect movie for knitting to, because I can just concentrate on turning my sock heel, and look at the pretty cinematography. My DVD shelf is chock full of such films. Kate and Leopold, The Long Kiss Goodnight (worth far more than whatever I paid), my entire Mel Gibson collection, Marie Antoinette, The Wedding Singer, and so on. The list is long and not very illustrious (Vanishing Point remake, anyone?), but at least I can say I didn't go out of my way for most of them. I just threw them into the Target cart while shopping for flip flops. I'm always on the hunt for more. I saw The Transporter in a hologram box awfully cheap, and it's begging to come home with me for those awkward Sunday nights when I need something short before heading back to the grind.

So while Scott Weinberg was positively crowing about the fact that I'd willingly purchased Australia with my own money, I see nothing wrong in it. I can spend $5.00 on a lot sillier things, like a magazine that ultimately ends up in my recycle bin, or an enormous Starbucks espresso that is gone in a matter of minutes. But Hugh Jackman's tight shirt? That lasts forever.

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